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About Carrd templates

How do you do great web design for your Carrd website? You're not a designer? Carrd templates to the rescue!

Whether you're a startup, solopreneur, freelancer, or small business owner, Carrd templates kickstart your website with style and efficiency. And of course this is also true if your goal is to build a personal website.

Carrd templates allow you to build on a professional designer's expertise. Typically you'll spend days or weeks when starting with a blank slate. A Carrd template lets you build and launch a professional site in a matter of hours.

A well designed website is critical for your success

For some websites the bounce rate is 95%. This is the number of users that close the landing page right after they see it. You obviously do not want to be that website's owner. You want a low bounce rate.

When people first come to your site or landing page you'll want to do everything right for them. A good first impression will build enough trust with your audience (new or returning) to read on, to remember you and to finally buy from you or book your services. Great design does not just look good. It creates a positive impression, establishes your credibility, and engages your visitors. Basically it lays the foundation for your online success.

Why Carrd templates

In the beginning, when you are just starting out you need results fast and cheap. Carrd is the perfect website builder for you and your business. Carrd websites can be built for free, paid plans start at $9 a year (yes a year!). There is no excuse, build your landing page in Carrd.

All of our Carrd templates come with an appealing layout, responsive design for desktop and mobile, layout variations for various content blocks, predesigned call to action elements, non-distracting animations and much more. They are optimised for your visitors based on best practices.

Carrd beginners with time constraints will also benefit greatly from Carrd templates. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning how to use Carrd editor. While it is easy it can take a while to know your ways around it and know when to use which element. Instead use a Carrd template with pre-made elements that you only need to fill with content. During editing the Carrd template you'll learn Carrd on the job.

And while our Carrd templates are geared towards specific industries or niches you are always free to use them for something else. All templates are completely customizable through Carrd's website editor. This makes the templates usable for all purposes.

Choosing a Carrd template

Know your website needs

Before you start browsing Carrd templates it helps to have a (mental) list of things you want on your landing page or website. Browsing templates will give you new ideas so make sure you know what is really important to you.

Browse Carrd templates

Now you can start browsing Carrd templates by the type of business you run and the kind of site you want to build. For example we have collected all Carrd templates tailored towards agency businesses. You can also explore our portfolio Carrd templates.

You can either browse all templates or explore by categories. For example we have filters for light colored and dark colored templates. You can also go by usage and find an agency carrd template or newsletter signup template. See all above.

Focus on aesthetics

When browsing Carrd templates, focus mostly on aesthetics. Look for templates that align with your business's visual identity, have space for the content in your mental site. It always helps if a Carrd template offers the elements like forms etc that you need.

Always keep customization options in mind, though.

Remember: Carrd templates are customizable

While most templates are designed towards a specific usage, you can re-purpose them for anything you envision. Carrd templates are also super flexible in terms of changing colors, fonts, images, and layouts. More on template customisation below.

For most of our templates you will need the Pro Plus plan. You can also use them in other Pro plans but not all functionality might be available. Given Carrd's incredibly affordable pricing Pro Plus is probably not going to bust your budget.

Creating a website from a Carrd template

After you have purchased a Carrd template it will show up in your account. You simply choose to create a site from it and there you go. Your site opens in the editor. We recommend to publish to a subdomain after the first few edits. You can use that to preview and test your site. When you are ready to launch, connect the site with your custom domain your subdomain.

Customizing Carrd Templates

After you have created a website from a Carrd template, you can change just about any aspect of the site. These changes will not transfer back to the template. So you can use the template as a fresh starting point for another site later.

Customize visuals and content

Carrd makes it easy to customize any of these aspects really easily

  • logo image
  • colors to match your brand
  • fonts and text sizes
  • links social profiles
  • links to other external site
  • navigtion items, headlines, text and link
  • number of columns in a design
  • site screen width
  • backgrounds
  • animations
  • ... and more

Customize functionality

If a Carrd template is missing some functionality you need, this is no problem. No contact form? No worries. Just add it with the click of a button. And just like that add any new element to a site you created from a template. The new elements will usually match the template design already when added. You can use the editor to further customize what they look like. Here's some of the things you can change:

  • add or remove any element
  • duplicate elements or whole sections to make a longer page with more sections
  • add contact form
  • add newsletter signup form
  • third party widget for integrations with other tools
  • payment links and payment buttons for e-commerce use cases
  • add new subpages
  • add or remove individual elements or whole sections
  • audio, video and photo galleries
  • custom code like javascript and css style definitions
  • website analytics
  • ... and basically everything else Carrd offers

Carrd and Carrd templates are right for you

Not sure whether Carrd is right for you? Have a look at this list of websites all made with Carrd.

If you need help to decide, drop us a line and describe your project. Our first consultation is always free, no matter if you purchase a template or design services or nothing at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carrd?

Carrd is a website builder for simple websites. It is super easy to use and lets you create your own site in minutes. It is perfect for landing pages, personal websites, small agencies and pretty much every basic website idea.

There is a free option, paid plans start at just $9 a year. Yes - per year!

What are Carrd templates?

A template is a starting point for a new website in Carrd. It is a complete design that is readymade for you. You'll just enter your content: headlines, text, images and your site is ready to go.

A site created from a Carrd template is a regular Carrd site. You can keep as much or as little from the template as you like. You'll be able to change anything about it like font, colors, positioning of elements, etc. And you can always add elements, rearrange sections, add subpages. Anything that can be done in the Carrd editor.

What are the benefits of using Carrd templates?

Focus on your idea It is easy to get lost in designing and tweaking the looks of a site. Using a ready-made template will help you get the site done faster. Invest the time saved into building your business, talking to customers, marketing your site.

You'll follow best practices Templates use site structures and features that people have come to expect from websites. They are optimised for conversion - so that you don't have to think about it. More time saved.

Professional design Our templates are professionally designed, so you don't have to learn how to design. Tweak less, spend more time on your idea

How do Carrd templates work?

When you get a template, it will be available in your Carrd account to start a new website. You can make as many sites from a template as you like. The sites you create will be completely independent, changing a color for one site won't change it for a second website made from the same template.

To be able to create a site from a template your Carrd plan needs to include the features used in the template. For most of our templates you will need to be on the Carrd Pro or Pro Plus plan.

Can I download Carrd templates for free?

Yes. Well, kindof. When you get a free template for Carrd you don't actually download it to your computer. Rather you will create a new site from that template. This happens directly in the Carrd editor in your browser. No download needed.

All templates offered by us are paid. But there are some free options available. Checkout our blog article about the best places to get Carrd templates.

What are popular Carrd template features?

Sub pages – Carrd is mostly known as a builder for single page websites. But the Carrd editor also supports multi-page websites. Many templates will come with multiple pages for you to seperate out content, for example you could have your 'About Us' or 'Contact' content on individual pages.

Signup forms – Signup forms are a great way to collect email addresses from your audience. Carrd conveniently provides connections to all the popular email list tools like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, ConvertKit, and many others..

Pricing tables – Carrd does not have a pricing table element out of the box. You can use a template that comes with a pricing table instead of designing on yourself.

Animations – Animations like appearing headlines and images siding into place. They can be a great way to give your website that extra special something. If used in moderation animations will make viewing your site a little more exciting for your audience - without distracting them.

How can I build my own templates?

To be able to work with templates you need to be on the Pro Lite plan or higher.

Then the final step is actually pretty easy. You'll just save a finished site as a template.

Want to confidently create templates for others? Make sure you know the ins and outs of Carrd and the elements the editor offers. We have put everything we know about making Carrd sites into our Carrd Tutorial. Check it out and become a pro in no time.