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Our free Carrd fonts preview tool makes selecting and previewing easy and fun. Browse the list of all Carrd fonts, preview each font family with your own font sample text. Or browse fonts by style. Happy font previewing!

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* Fonts marked with an asterisk are not actually Carrd specific fonts. These fonts (or close variants of them) ship pre-installed with many computers and phones. They are not downloaded when a visitor views your site – but used directly from the device. These fonts look familiar to many people. Designs using them can seem boring – or retro. But there’s a catch: when these fonts are not available on a user’s device text will render in a substitute font. In that case type may they look very different from what you have designed.

Carrd Fonts FAQ

How to select a font in Carrd?

In Carrd builder, click the ‘+’ button and choose ‘Text’ to add a text element. With the element selected, click the paintbrush icon in the sidebar. This brings up the Appearance settings for the text element. Under font choose the font you want to use.

Pro tip: with the font menu opened, start typing the font name. This will select your font without scrolling through the list endlessly

How to add custom fonts to Carrd?

Using non-Carrd provided fonts is possible – but we don’t recommend it. You will have to use custom code to load the font and assign it to your elements. The effects of custom code are not visible in the edit (aka build) mode so you’ll be editing your site without seeing 100% of what you are doing. That said – here’s a tutorial for using external fonts in Carrd (turn down the volume if you are no hard core 8-bit retro game music fan 🙂

For logo you are better off using an image. You can create that using any graphics editor that supports your font.

Recommendation: do not use custom fonts. And if you absolutely need to do it, limit custom font usage to a few elements.

Can I use system UI fonts in Carrd?

Yes, Carrd let’s you use the system’s UI font. In the font selector, select the first entry ‘Default’. This will not use a specific font. Your site will be using the default font on your visitor’s device. On Windows 11 the UI font is Segoe UI. Apple devices including Mac and iPhone use a font called SF Pro, where SF is for San Francisco. On Android the system ui font is Roboto (which is also available in Carrd directly).

Can I change font types in a Carrd template?

Yes, all Carrd templates are fully customizable. It doesn’t matter where you got your template from – once you create a site from it you will be able to freely change the font type on all text elements. This is true for free and paid Carrd templates. Careful though – changing a font is easily done. But it can also break the site design’s harmony.

How many fonts does Carrd offer?

The editor in Carrd has 424 fonts with new fonts added frequently. And this is only font families. Almost all font families come in many different font weights like regular, bold, semi bold, etc. Yep – that is a lot to navigate. This is why we built this tool to help you choose.

Recommendation: do not use all fonts them in your site 🙂 For a balanced typography you should be using 2-3 fonts max. Maybe plus an extra font for the logo (if you want to count that).

Why this font chooser tool?

Choosing the font in Carrd can be hard. There are just so many different fonts and font styles available. While the font previews in the Carrd editor itself are helpful – they are also sometimes not enough. The previews are at a small size and always on dark background. They also sample the font name, not the piece of text you are about to format. We want to offer a better way to choose fonts.

How recent is this list of Carrd fonts?

The Carrd font list was last updated Jul 15, 2024.

If you find anything is out of date, please let us know. It helps us make the tool better for everyone.