20+ Best Carrd Templates to Launch Your Website (2023)

September 07, 2023

About Carrd

Before we get to the Carrd templates let us introduce the service itself. Carrd.co is a platform to build fully responsive one page web sites. The Carrd site editor is really easy to use and lets you launch your site within minutes.

Carrd hosted websites are suited for personal and professional use alike. You can build portfolio websites, landing pages, signup forms and waitlist pages – and Carrd even works for simple e-commerce projects.

Many people choose because it is really budget friendly – there is a free plan available and the paid plan for $19/year (yes, per year, that’s less than $1.60 a month!) has everything most people need. This is just perfect for a personal site, for bootstrapped startups and when validating website ideas.

Carrd offers flexible templates for various use cases and scenarios. They help you spend more time on your idea and less time on design.

What are Carrd templates?

A Carrd template is like a ready made Carrd website. You can preview and navigate it just like a real web page. If you like a template you can start a new page from it. This gives you a copy of the template that you can fill with your own logo, headlines, text, and images. You can create as many sites from a template as you like.

Carrd.co templates are super flexible and customisable. You can add, change or remove any of the premade elements after you make a site from a template. For example you can use different colors or fonts. Or you can remove all content and just keep the overall layout structure.

Why choose Carrd over other no-code website builders?

  • It is really easy to use
  • The ‘wysiwyg’ editor previews your site exactly the way it will look when published
  • Carrd sites look great on mobile and desktop
  • It comes with many integrations (Stripe, PayPal, Gumroad, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, SendGrid, Klaviyo, Active Campaign, reCAPTCHA, Google Drive Youtube, Vimeo, Loom, TikTok, and many many others)
  • It is affordable
  • SEO is built in

Who uses Carrd?

Almost any simple website can be built in Carrd. Here’s a couple of examples what people and businesses you will often see choose Carrd over other solutions:

  • Content creators
  • Info products
  • Newsletter sign up pages
  • Lead magnets
  • SaaS product landing pages
  • Small agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Portfolios
  • Resume websites

Here are some real world examples:

  • lowcodestarterpack.com – Educational content landing page by 9x Agency
  • plaand.co – Agency website for the tech recruiting service Plaand
  • dvassallo.com – Landing page of author/entrepreneur/community host Daniel Vassallo
  • showw.work – Signup page and notion template store from creators Aparajith Aradhya and Kavir Kaycee
  • archilingo.xyz – App landing page for archi lingo

Why use Carrd templates?

Getting a free or paid template for Carrd has many benefits. You

  • Spin up a site within hours to validate a new idea quickly
  • Iterate fast on design ideas, never build your landing page in the tech stack of your product. Just don’t.
  • Get a professional design without hiring and paying a designer
  • Templates are optimised for conversion optimised, letting you reuse best practices that have worked for others
  • Low budget and super quick way to launch site and show your idea to the world

The best Carrd templates you’ll find

Carrd templates for waitlist and signup pages

A waitlist template is a great way to quickly setup a signup page in Carrd. You can integrate the form with any of these services: ActiveCampaign, Beehiiv, Brevo, Buttondown, ConvertKit, EmailOctopus, GetResponse, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, MailerLite, SendFox, SendGrid, and Sendy. More are added every now and then. Here are our favorites:

Carrd template for a colorful newsletter with gradient background

This is a Carrd signup page template designed for newsletters. Of course you can use it for a waitlist, too. Designers have used gradients for the background because they are all the rage these days. The template comes with a hero section that has the email signup form. To increase conversion rates you’ll want to tell visitors about the raving reviews from your audience using the testimonial section. But don’t just invent customer reviews, that would be karma relevant, and not in a positive way.

A simple Carrd template for a newsletter signup

A newsletter signup template can be simple – and simplicity is what this template delivers. The template’s light color theme matches its clean and minimalist aesthetic. It is perfect if you want to set up a no frills email signup page. The structure is fairly simple, with sections for the actual newsletter sign-up, previous newsletters archive, and additional information. This straightforward design makes it easy for visitors to understand what they’re signing up for. There’s a header and footer for branding and adding secondary links or hiding easter egg.

Colorful Carrd template for a signup or waitlist page

Designed for creating simple, one-page newsletter signup website. This Carrd template features a colorful appearance and is focused on the main action on the page – the signup CTA. Of course usable as a waitlist page too. Remember that you’ll replace the images with your own. Carrd will allow you to add any content you like, so feel free to add subscriber count, reviews, recent updates and more.

Carrd templates for agency websites

If you are looking to build a Carrd site for your agency or service business you will most likely find a suitable template here. They are all designed with the requirements of agencies in mind. See for yourself:

Carrd template in a dark themed design

This template’s dark monochrome color theme makes it ideal for showcasing your services, portfolio, and team. It features a navigation bar, hero section, portfolio section, email signup form, contact form, testimonials, image gallery, and team roster. In other words: everything you’ll need. While its demo content is for an agency you can easily turn it into a website for a sports club or a design studio portfolio site.

Colorful Carrd template for your online agency website

The vibrant colors of this template make it really stand out. It is a great fit for an agency or other service based business if you are in a bit of a creative niche – might not be for you if you offer financial services. Engage with your future clients by highlighting some of your past successes and KPIs – and have them sign up for your news updates or request a quote. Remember, you can add any element you like really easily in Carrd’s editor after purchasing the template.

Classic agency website template

Our third template pick for agency websites is this multipage tempalte called ‘Barbosa’. It lets you showcase your work and your company’s services and pricing. In a professional and engaging style. The template features a dark color theme and would not be complete without testimonial, a contact form, pricing and about page. Like any other template you can use this for multiple sites if you like.

Carrd templates for SaaS product pages

SaaS product Carrd template ‘SaaS Box”

SaaS Box is another Carrd template created specifically for SaaS products. It’s a single-page layout but Carrd gives you the flexibility to add more pages if needed. Created specifically for startups, it helps you launch your site swiftly, giving you more time to focus on building your business.

This template has room to highlight not only your product’s benefits but also the problems it solves for your customer. It is built for conversion with email sign-up and CTA button. It features a hero section, pricing table, social media links, and the flexibility of full customization. Plus, like all templates, it is fully mobile responsive.

SaaS product Carrd template ‘Produqtly’

This is another SaaS website template we love. It has a clean layout with classic blue and white colors. Add screenshots and tell your future users all about your product. A CTA will take them to your sign up or demo. It is a multipage template and comes with feature grid, pricing table and an FAQ on separate pages.

SaaS product Carrd template ‘SaaSome’

This Carrd template and your SaaS product are a match made in heaven. It’s awesome for SaaS startups in an early phase where you have a limited budget – but need a landing page fast. The template gives you lots of room to share about the special features and uses of your product including a video. It also includes a hard to miss call-to-action button that encourages users to take the next step and signup for a demo or your waitlist. Plus there is an FAQ, contact form, … and you can customize and add anything you like.

Carrd templates for landing pages

Landing pages can have many different goals. There is a Carrd template for each of them. Here are our favorites:

Carrd landing page template for a mobile App

Launch your mobile app in style using this Carrd template. This Carrd template comes with a captivating hero section to immediately engage your visitors, a grid to showcase your app’s features, and a testimonial section to show some customer love. It is a single-page layout is streamlined for easy navigation. It is mobile responsive and fully customizable like all Carrd templates.

Generic startup landing page template

A crisp and refreshing Carrd template for basically any startup’s landing. Its clean, light design decorated with engaging illustrations brings a breath of fresh air to your site. The Hero section is the place to add your unique value proposition and of course we have added CTAs so you’ll to convert visitors into customers. You can add trusted partners in a logo cloud and neatly present features or services. You will need a signup form so that’s integrated too – get ready for some audience growth! 🙂

Carrd template for an agency or service website

Designers have worked as hard as you do to bring you ‘Kars’ – a versatile multipage Carrd template. It suits an agency’s needs but can also be used for digital services or products. Its main page includes a counter element for showcasing key metrics, a strategically positioned Call-to-Action (CTA) section, and an Item Grid section for neatly displaying services. There are contact and email signup forms for easy communication and audience growth. Use the portfolio page to highlight your best work.

All purpose Carrd template for landing pages

This template has a clean layout for showcasing your product or service. You’ll introduce your offering clearly in the hero section. A logo cloud will be helpful in building credibility. On the main part of the page you can describe the problem your product or service solves and highlight the key benefits. No landing page can do without a call-to-action so this template offers that, too 🙂

Browse all landing page templates

Carrd templates for selling content

Carrd template for a website presenting and launching a book

You have written a book or plan to write it? Launch it to the world with a Carrd site based on this template! it has multiple CTA elements. They use a Gumroad link but you can easily switch that for an Amazon link or Stripe or wherever you choose to sell the book. This is a one page design with sections for a summary and text preview of the chapters. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without an author photo and short bio.

Build an E-book selling landing page in Carrd with this template

Looking to showcase and sell your e-book in a simple yet effective way? The Carrd template ‘E-book Sales’ was designed to make your e-book stand out and grab your visitors attention. It comes as a single-page layout with a navigation bar, testimonial section, and pricing table. No more excuses – turn your e-book into a bestseller!

Carrd template for displaying various 4 products

Here we have it, a clean, minimalistic template for displaying any type of product. The template’s four colors theme creates a professional yet playful vibe. It is a multi-page template with dedicated pages for each product and an about section. Add payment links as you see fit and you are up and running (and selling!) in no time.

Carrd templates for portfolio and freelancer sites

Template for a freelancer website in Carrd

Designed for freelancers who want to showcase their services and impress their potential clients. This template, with its elegant gold and black color scheme, offers a professional and sophisticated look. It’s packed with features, including a dedicated section for your portfolio, a contact form for easy communication, and a testimonial section to highlight your past successes. What more would you need?

Create your portfolio website in Carrd with this dark themed template

Check out Dark Portfolio. This Carrd template is perfect for showcasing your personal portfolio in a sleek, modern style. With its dark color theme, it’s sure to make your work pop and leave a lasting impression. It features social links, a contact form, image gallery, and tabbed navigation. As any other template: customizable to fit your personal or business brand.

Another Carrd template to present your portfolio

Let your portfolio do the talking with this template. It’s a perfect blend of modern and raw styles and comes with a touch of brutalism – because the template designer knew what you wanted. Made for freelancers, this (mostly) dark monochrome design is all about clean aesthetics and functional design in a single page layout. Grab it today.

Small business Carrd templates

A restaurant website template for Carrd

Restaurante is a Carrd template designed specifically for a restaurant’s online presence. Showcase your culinary artistry with a coupe of large photos. The template comes with a built-in menu page, a reservation form, and an about page where you can tell your story. It is themed little bit on the pastel side of colors, giving it a modern yet unobtrusive look so your dishes take center stage.

A dentist website template for Carrd

The Local Dentist Carrd template might just be what your clinic needs. With it’s light design, it’s perfect for creating a professional and trustworthy online presence.You’ll get a hero section, a CTA section, an item grid section, and a map display so people know where to find you. Of course everything is fully customizable.

A gym website template for Carrd called Lift Club

Looking to capture emails for your gym – or any other project or business? Try this dark themed template. It will give you everything you need – signup form, pricing table, reviews and an FAQ.

Carrd templates for personal and photography websites

Carrd template for a minimal portfolio or personal site

Minimalists rejoice! Here’s a sleek, clean way to showcase your work. This Carrd template is a single page site in a monochrome color scheme – designed to let your work take center stage. Display photos, illustrations, video, whatever. It’ll look great. The template features a single-page layout, an item grid section, and an FAQ in case your work is not fully self explaining.

Carrd template for a personal resume website

Carrd is perfect for knocking up a resume site in no time. And you can use the fast track with this Carrd template to get that site even faster – you’ll have recruiters emailing you en masse in no time. With a light color scheme, it’s designed to present you as a true professional. The template features a resume section (how could it not?), a contact form, social media links.

Carrd template for your photography portfolio

Carrd can be used as a budget way to build a photography portfolio. Have a look at the template Dope Photography, it might be just perfect if you want to showcase beautiful photos in a sleek and modern way. It comes in a dark color theme for good contrast contrast with your images.

Carrd template for a personal site or lifestyle business

Check out Zyren, a sleek and modern template designed specifically for agencies and businesses. With its bold black and white color scheme, it’s sure to make a statement. And it features a hero section, a portfolio showcase, and a contact form.

Tips for choosing a Carrd template

Remember: the most important thing is to launch your business and your site. It is not important to make things look perfect. Found something you like ok? Run with it, try not to optimise.

Zite offers an ever growing library of 70+ Carrd templates. So if you didn’t find anything here, give it a try:

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And that’s it

We hope you like this list. Putting it together is some effort so we’d be happy if it helps you find the right template or inspiration for your site. Please leave us any feedback you have, we’d love to hear from you.

– Your team at Zite