Aesthetic Carrd Templates

Perfect for Roleplay, Character Artists, Fans of K-Pop and Anime Aesthetics

Our curated collection of aesthetic Carrd templates, anime and roleplay themed templates for Carrd.

Many different single muse templates. Inspired by k pop artists, cuteness, your favorite anime and fandom Carrds.

Use for OC character carrds or personal sites. Mostly single muse templates, some multi-muse.

ʚ Many Non-Pro Friendly templates ɞ

ʚ Free to download templates available ɞ

ʚ All easy to use and fully customizable ɞ

About this Aesthetic Template Collection

We have curated the best Carrd templates for roleplay, OC and personal sites in this collection. Featured are themes from the some of the most talented creators.

We wanted to make roleplay and OC Carrd templates more easy to find, compare and download. No tutorials needed, just use the templates and customize to your liking – to make your own personal or original character site in Carrd.

We welcome your help making this even bigger. Please send your recommendations to Found a great K-pop template? Know a creator who makes cute artist Carrds? You made a great anime template yourself? Let us know and help spread the word.

Resources for Anime and Aesthetic templates and Inspiration

Here’s a short list of resources to help you customize and create your own aesthetic Carrd. Or build your own roleplay carrd templates.

You’ll easily find more on the vast vast web. But we liked these a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made these roleplay templates?

The themes listed are made by a variety of creators from around the web and the world. You’ll find the author with every template description.

Are all the Carrd templates on this page free to download?

Some of the Carrd templates are free to download, some are ‘pay what you want’ pricing and can be downloaded for free if you do not have the money. Those that are neither are paid but still affordable. After the download you can and customize each template and reuse it as often as you like – without any cost.

Do I need a Carrd Pro account to use these templates?

Most of the Aesthetic templates are No-Pro friendly and will work with a free plan. Others need Pro Lite or even Pro Plus, mostly because they use too many elements. You’ll find the required plan info with every template.

Can I customize these Carrd templates?

Absolutely! Any template you get is fully customizable. You can modify colors, fonts, layouts, and content to match your personal style or brand identity. This is super easy in Carrd’s editor. You can use the template for as many OCs or personal or whatever sites as you like. Our 16 chapter video tutorial can help you learn how to make a Carrd in no time.

Are these templates suitable for mobile devices?

Like all Carrd websites all of these aesthetic templates are mobile responsive. If you are not happy with how something looks on desktop/mobile you can always change it.

How do I download and use a template?

Simply click on the download link ‘Get template’ provided with each template. After downloading, the template appears in your Carrd account and you can start creating and editing you site with it.

Do you provide support for these templates?

These templates were made by various authors. We provide basic support via email. For detailed customization you can rent our custom design service. For technical issues you might need to consult Carrd’s official support.

Can I contribute a template I’ve created to your collection?

Yes, we welcome contributions! If you have a Carrd template you’d like to share, please send us a quick email and we’ll list you here if your template fits the collection.