Agency Templates for Carrd

So you are starting an agency and need your first website. Going with Carrd to make a first splash is a great idea. The editor is easy to understand and the pricing is just unbeatable. And do you know what is better than designing and building that website in Carrd yourself? Purchase a ready made template! You’ll have your agency website up in just hours not days – you’ll thank yourself later. Use the time saved to take care of all those other tasks – cold calls, customer meetings, pitches, you know it is a lot to get an agency off the ground.

When to choose Carrd for your agency business

When is Carrd the right choice for my agency? Here’s a list to guide your decision. If any of these match your requirements, Carrd is probably your best choice:

  • Speed matters. You want to launch your agency website ideally today. At least rather sooner than later.
  • Still experimenting. If you are a new business you’ll want to experiment a lot with the site. To see what works with your audience.
  • On a tight budget. Your website solution should not cost a fortune.
  • Focus. Your audience needs to know about your services and trust you. Bringing your USPs across and doing that well is what you want to focus for now.
  • The agency is bootstrapped and you are just getting started building it. That means you need a fasty and easy solution that’s light on your budget.
  • Testing. You want to build a landing page for a new offering to test the waters.
  • Lead gen. If your goal is to generate leads, you’ll need a trustworthy layout, effective copy and for that convert well.
  • Integration. Want to integrate with an existing solution for payments or email newsletters?That’s taken care of.
  • Not content heavy. There’s not a lot of content you need to make available.

Benefits of using an agency template for your Carrd website

These are the benefits of using Carrd to build and run your agency website.

  • Quick to launch. Kickstart your website design. Make changes, save, boom – your site is launched. You can literally launch today.
  • Easy to maintain. Carrd editor makes it easy to build a site, add and adjust elements, launch the site. Even on your custom domain. Anybody can make changes without prior knowledge. Carrd is that simple to use. Have an intern or your kids update the sales pitch? Totally doable with Carrd.
  • Customizable. Agency templates and other templates can be made to match whatever you want to do with them.
  • Low Budget. You can run a landing page on a Carrd subdomain for free. Get your website on your own domain from $19 a year!
  • SEO optimised. Carrd let’s you build a SEO optimised site in no time. Each agency template we have is SEO ready.

There are many other great Carrd templates. This makes it even faster to get up and running. Use an agency template from our library above or re-purpose one of the others. There are no customization limits.