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Newsletter and Waitlist Templates for Carrd

Build and grow your audience with a website based on these Carrd templates. Wether you are looking to set up a newsletter signup page or a waitlist for an app launch. Use Carrd and one of our templates and your site will be online in no time. It will look awesome and be set up in minutes not days. Just add some content that will convince your visitors to give you their email.

Also costs for a sign up page are very low when you compare Carrd to other platforms. All of our templates are pay once, use forever. And Carrd itself is really cheap compared to other platforms with even a free tier.

There is no better way to kickstart your signup page – choose your template from our collection:

SaaS newsletter
Simple Carrd landing page for newsletters.
A simple newsletter template for Carrd
The Newsletter
Newsletter sign up template with previous newsletter example.
Dark SignUp
A great way to collect more emails via Carrd.
Dark Startup
A simple dark blue/purple landing page.
Kars Web
Multipage website for your agency.
SaaS Lander
Dark, fast & clear describes this template.
Book Sign-Up
A template made by @thienyknt
White Startup
White + Illustrations = ❤️
A fresh Carrd template for your marketing agency startup
Landing page for your lifestyle service business.
Startup Nation
A template made by @jeunecisse
Blue Lander
Landing page with an opt-in & story.
Clean Lander
A simple and straight to the point lander.
A landing page homage to the Netflix layout.
SaaS Pro
Create a landing page for your next SaaS product.
UI Kit
A library of UI elements for Carrd.
UI Elements
Ready made elements for you to configure.
Dark Agency
Showcase your agency or business.