High-converting Carrd landing page template for SaaS products 

SaaS Box


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January 22, 2024
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Carrd template SaaS Box

SaaS Box is a Carrd template that’s perfect for your SaaS product’s website. It shows everything on a single page – but don’t worry you can add your own pages using the carrd.co website editor.

We created the template so that founders and startups can quickly launch their site. This leaves you more time to figure out the actual business you are building. And yes, once successful you might need a more complex website that better integrates with your product. But nothing beats a Carrd site in getting off the ground quickly. We have more SaaS landing page templates if this one is not right for you.

Template usage

While this template is designed with SaaS businesses in mind, you can find many other uses for it. It is fully flexible. Some ideas for what sites you can build with the template:

  • Sales page for an info product
  • Info website for your organisation
  • Signup funnel page for a newsletter
  • Landing page for a marketing campaign
  • … the possibilities are endless

Template elements

  • Header and Footer for links and your basic info, customise as you see fit.
  • Hero section including CTAs to highlight your product’s benefit and win visitors’ interest
  • Logo cloud that shows of the companies that already trust you
  • Feature grid explaining with text and visuals why people should pick your product
  • Testimonials so your visitors can ;earn from existing customers why your product is great
  • Email signup for example to promise a freebie create leads for your sales team
  • Pricing table because you can’t not have it.
  • Social links because we know you need them

Carrd template customisation

Like any other carrd.co template this can be adapted to suit your needs. Carrd makes it super easy to add elements, remove those you don’t like or rearrange the page any way you like. You need payment links? No Problem. Contact form? Easy. Additional pages? Can do. It is all available. A site created from a template does not have any restrictions in Carrd. You can edit it like a site you built completely by yourself. Refer to Carrd documentation to see all the options.

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