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Carrd templates – Dark colors

Few trends in design have seen the adoption rate of dark mode. It went from zero to everywhere in what felt like just weeks. So of course – we also made some dark themed templates for your Carrd website. Make one yours:

Dark Portfolio
Showcase your personal portfolio
Landing page for podcasts
Landing page perfect for capturing emails on your Carrd website
Portfolio landing page for freelancers
Dark themed website for SaaS products.
Mini Blog
A personal short form blog website.
Landing page for freelancers.
Barbosa Agency
Landing page suited for agencies.
SaaS Lander
Dark, fast & clear describes this template.
UI Elements
Ready made elements for you to configure.
Dark Agency
Showcase your agency or business.
Landing page based on Netflix layout.
Dark Directory
Easily create a directory of resources.
Dark SignUp
A great way to collect more emails via Carrd.
Being Me
A template to showcase who you are.
Freelancer Gold
For Freelancers, Consultants, Resumes.
Dope Photography
Showcase your beautiful photos.
Dark Startup
A simple dark blue/purple landing page.