Quick tip: How to use Carrd icons without links

September 27, 2023

So you want to use Carrd icons without links? But when you try to remove a link from an icon, it will not let you?

Screenshot of Carrd icons settings

The problem with Carrd icons and links

Carrd has an element called icons. It lets you add one or more nicely styled icons to your site. And for each icon it wants a link URL. So on desktop computers, when the icon is hovered it has a pointer cursor. And for when tapping/clicking the icon it will take users to that URL.

The problem: you can’t really use icons for decorational purposes like this. They would still look and be clickable. But there is a solution for using icons without link URLs.

How to use Carrd’s icon element without links

The solution is pretty simple. Instead of entering a URL or # or something else, enter


When you type this for the URL of the icon’s link, it will

  • not show the pointing hand cursor when hovering on desktop
  • it will not be clickable/tappable

Here’s what it looks like in the settings:

Screenshot of Carrd icons settings for icons without links
Carrd editor with settings for Icons

Want to take a look at an example? Check out the demo of SaaS Box and scroll down to the ‘benefits’ section. We have a lot more Carrd templates, see below.

That’s all. This is how easy it is to remove links from icons in Carrd.

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